Why 18?

The idea was to create a name that got people asking "why 18?". This was a great conversation starter on the not so coincidental fact that our our numbers from the field combined resulted in 18. This often leaves our inquisitive guest with wry smile across their face.

Philip Snyman and Cecil Afrika standing at the kitchen counter when we did our first 18 coffee blend cupping, they are both laughing out of the surprise that our coffee dream might soon become a reality. There is bag of coffee, coffee grinder (Handground kickstarter project) and some cups on the counter.Coffee has been a passion for some time, and the graduation from passion (and idea) to product happened a lot more quickly than we anticipated. Follow this, Phil meets a man on a plane, man's son (Matt, our roaster) roasts coffee, Phil curiously calls up Matt, Matt throws us a couple blends, we take just over a month to nail down our roast, a friend offers to put together a label, and et voila we have a bag of coffee.


This is a picture of our first couple coffee blends for 18 coffee, our coffee roaster put together a couple blends he felt would fit our description and then we did some cupping at home to try determine the one closest to our flavour.Since then we've been working hard to make sure we have the necessary structures in place to be able to deliver the coffee and slowly grow our distribution. We're fresh and new and very very excited about entering this world and hope that you can join us on this journey to making Eighteen Coffee the brew of choice in many homes.


Eighteen Coffee bros

This picture shows the three owners of 18 (Eighteen) Coffee, from left to right, Philip Snyman, Cecil Afrika and Kyle Brown. Each owner is holding a bag of the team's first blend that they have named The Pilot by Eighteen Coffee..